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Zolo Kis the King.

Designed by | Zolo Kis

Product developer and graphic designer Zolo Kis stands behind a number of interesting projects such as the By Design! Conference or inspiring Design Walks. His name has been for a long time associated with the Milk Studio ­ a creative studio he founded together with Martin Jenca. Having left the realms of advertising, he started to work with wood in 2014. Creating a product that would spark interest in his home country as well as abroad was something he wanted to try for years and so he created Mr. Wood.
“I had never thought about filling a gap in the market. I was just thinking ­ where would I go for something like this, if I wanted it? And I’d found out that there wasn’t anyone making such things. I didn’t have a business plan. I was just furnishing my workshop, doing what I liked and then it evolved somehow. I didn’t spend months surveying, coming to the conclusion that it’s uncharted waters and I hadn’t thought about whether there’s any money in it and how much. I’ve always felt drawn to graphic a type design so I started making letters that would look nice as an object. Later I moved on to wooden posters and opened my e­shop, which rises and evolves every day.”